ASC PowerRoof™ Projects 

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For this project, PowerRoof products are used to create a fully covered area for 2 units of 24 container homes each. 

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These panels are scalable and can be configured for buildings of all sizes and shapes.

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Not only does the carport produce reliable electricity, it also protects vehicles from weathering and exposure to the elements. 

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When the container home project is paired with the carport the finished product uses 220 panels totaling 292.5 kilowatts.


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This project is taking place at a high-end hotel located in Kamsar, Guinea, West Africa. 

The atrium structure provides an aesthetically pleasing building as well as shaded space for guests while the panels above provide reliable electricity for the hotel's operations. 

The welded support structure has been customized to fit this project. ASC encourages clients to contact us and our engineering team can create a solution for your  specific project. 

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