Solar Energy

In November of 2017, ASC launched its initiative to provide all sizes of solar PV systems - all the way from micro systems for individual users in rural communities up to utility scale systems for serving entire cities.



For utility scale systems, ASC has entered with the earnest objective to be the lowest cost provider in West Africa. This means achieving the lowest LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) for our utility systems versus other similar sized PV solar systems.


How Do We Achieve It?   


  • We start by utilizing the most efficient mono crystalline solar modules in the world as proven by several agency tests in 2017 and 2018 including the well known TUV Rheinland test.


  • We fabricate all of our structural supports in West Africa with our local fabrication partners.


  • We utilize our own trained West African teams for civil, mechanical and electrical installations.   


  • Further, ASC is pursuing importation tax exemptions in the countries within our work geography.


These are some of the ways we will achieve the lowest LCOE in West Africa. Do you require large scale solar power? Call us and we will visit your site.





ASC is involved in supply of commercial scale solar PV systems of up to 750 kW in IPP and BOT business models. These systems are typically for small industry, buildings, educational facilities, commercial centers etc that need reliable electricity.


ASC is able to install commercial systems as an Independent Power Provider (IPP) in a BOT model as long as certain conditions are met.


Do you need power at your commercial facility? Call us and we will visit your location to discuss  it and provide a preliminary study.



ASC has sources for international financing of utility scale solar projects for West Africa via formal programs and partnerships. For example, we have formally entered into a working agreement with Energiya Global a company that finances large scale projects worldwide with a particular focus on Africa via targeted financing programs.


MICRO SYSTEMS - Lightworks Project


ASC recently initiated a mini solar system project called Lightworks de L’Afrique. The company is headquartered in Guinea and its purpose is to provide small solar electricity systems to households in West Africa that have never enjoyed electricity.   Typically the customers for Lightworks live in rural and remote areas but many also live in cities where poor electrical service has been the norm.


The Lightworks company will partially finance each solar system for its customers under monthly payment programs ranging between 8 to 24 months.


The Lightworks project is set to launch in October 2018 beginning in Guinea where over 9 million people are without electricity and rural electrification stands at less than 11%. The second initiative will be in Sierra Leone where over 6 million people are without electricity and rural electrification stands at less than 2%.




ASC will be the first in West Africa to introduce certain energy storage technologies and methodologies that are conducive to the particular West African environment. We will outline these in a future update of this section and we invite you to visit back soon.