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The PowerRoof™
ASC’s trademark PowerRoof™ is a durable corrugated steel roof panel integrated with a patented solar PV layer.

  • The crystalline silicon solar cells are adhered to strong corrugated steel in a variety of colors.    

    • The standard ASC panel is Terra Cotta or Grey-Green

  • The PowerRoof provides a durable roof and clean electricity in one product.  

  • Lighter in weight than other solar panels and easy to install

  • PowerRoof is known for its long term durability and stain resistance 

  • 10 years limited warranty for 90% power output and 25 years limited warranty of 80% power output

ASC_PowerRoof_on carport.png
The Challenge:
A large percentage of the world's population is still living without access to reliable electricity.   
Often, this means businesses and households must turn to inefficient power generators resulting in high fuel costs.
The Solution:
ASC’s PowerRoof™ is a practical and reliable solution. In the long term, the PowerRoof™ is more economical than any combustion-based power generation.    PowerRoof™ is the solution for the many millions of small homes and businesses in developing countries. As access to reliable, affordable and clean energy increases, quality of life increases as well. 

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