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WtE + Biomass Energy

Advantages of Waste-to-Energy + Biomass 

  1. Clean Energy: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) can be converted to clean energy via gasification.

  2. Biomass: Pine chips and woody biomass are mixed with the MSW to create more energy. 

  3. Syngas: 

  4. Clean Technology better for City Environment 

  5. Greatly Improved Worker and Citizen Satisfaction

  6. Results in Political Stability

  7. Sustainable system – does not rely on any imported fuels

  8. Allows the towns to discard industrial toxic and unsightly waste, such as fuel sludge and mining truck tires. 

  9. Our project proposal simultaneously solves municipal and industrial waste problems and generates electricity for both the entire towns.

Learn about one of our WTE projects here.

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